What can I do for a single person at church? After all, I’m married. 


     I cannot swim with a great white and Ocean Ramsey for you. Sorry. If I do this it will be for me….just saying.

     I’ve been married 18 years (this time). Was a single parent for five years. Was married before, then divorced. Became a Christian kinda in the middle. Have some stories to tell. And some to keep to myself. Very few singles attend church regularly (about 15%).  So, what to do to help those who are seeking God, community and eternal security.

Church offers sermons and Bible school. Great stuff! Vital! Life changing! What else can one do?

Let’s look at SINGLE PARENTS! Single Parents come in different forms. You have single mom, never married, no support. Single dad, never married, no support. Single mom, divorced, no support. Single dad, divorced, no support. You have single mom/dad with a supportive ex. You have young single parent by death (the ultimate no support). Single parents of all sizes and shapes, ages and backgrounds. One child or many. Here is the point! It is difficult for two parents to raise children. Tag team. Transportation. Role models, etc.

You have the young and never married. College and young professionals -AND- (many) non- professionals. Not a one size fits all. Academics have certain expectations while the partiers have another. Many have to work. Many are not committed to school or hobbies much less a relationship. Companionship, including sex, is easy to come by so marriage can wait. Of course, for the Christian single this is difficult. You know what is right or wrong but your hormones do not.

You have the divorced with older kids and those whose kids are already out of the nest. At this age there is more responsibility with careers and many are “set in there ways”. Usually there is less room for error and one doesn’t tolerate as much silliness.  Many of this category have already seen efforts at singles ministry and are skeptical. And busy….

You have the lifetime singles. Many are not as socially adept or skilled at relationships. Some are content and others resigned. Many have given up waiting on marriage or never really wanted it anyway.

And we have the heartbreak of older widowhood. People are married for their whole life and then lose it. Much grief and loneliness.

What is the solution? It varies. It could be a friendly invitation to church or a ride to lunch. Remember: church attendance is not the solution for many. Some might appreciate someone dropping lunch by their work. Others appreciate a nice card or a phone call or text. Some enjoy a big luncheon with entertainment but others prefer very small group get together.  Some will go to the Skillet concert or visit Beauvoir. Others might go with a friend to a chamber concert or a wine tasting. The solution: care. Let others know you care. God can do the rest. Do not sell him short. Expect much! There are 70,000 single parents within a ninety minute drive of Pensacola. 52% of the population are single. Divorce is devastating. Let’s make a difference!



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