Divorced in the Church

My parents were married until death. My grandparents were married 52 years…until death. My aunts and uncles, the preacher and his wife, the governor and his wife and everyone we knew was married until they died.

The most scandalous thing we knew about divorce was from a Rolling Stones song, “I met a divorcee from New York City…” Well it was, after all, New York City. People did different things up there.

Then my generation came along. MANY (many…many…many) divorces have occurred. Times have changed. Laws changed. Opportunities changed.

Morals change? Maybe?

Has church changed? Many would say yes. Is it too tolerant of divorce? Maybe. The generation before me did not tolerate divorce. But it tolerated racism…..segregation…violence in the home…

Church is supposed to be a hospital for the sinner but many have tried to make it a hotel for some of the saints.

As a single (divorced) father, I had to look around for a church that welcomed me and my small daughter. Many did not want single parents. Many did not allow a divorced person to serve in the church. Many were willing to encourage us to go elsewhere. We did.

Divorce is often treated as the unforgettable sin. It isn’t. LAUNCH Singles Ministry supports and encouraged each person to change their heart and come (back) to a relationship with their Savior (Jesus Christ).


2 responses to “Divorced in the Church

  1. Thank you for this article as it speaks to my heart. I have been dealing with this issue for about 4 years now and it helps to know other people in my position as far as this issue.

    • I am glad. There are several divorce related topics including a complete Divorce Recovery around June of 2014, Enjoy. Did you see that we are having a singles conference?

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