Single in the Church

Single in the Church of Christ….
Twenty four years ago Hurricane Andrew hit Miami and left me basically homeless, spiritually lost and hurting. My wife had left me a few months before and I was drowning my pain with alcohol. A big storm was part of the solution.
I went back to church by accident (a story for another time). I was impressed with the compassion of many churches in Miami but drawn to the Sunset church as I had been baptized and attended a church of christ in high school. So I started volunteering with church people cleaning out damaged homes, serving meals and gennerally being useful. A wonderful elder took me under his wing and showed me that Jesus loved me and church was more than a place to attend and keep checklists of holiness. Loved it!
Unfortunately, my soon to be ex- wife wasn’t buying it and divorced me. She had reconnected with an old boyfriend and moved back to New Jersey. She took our daughter away with her, of course. Many prayers and much anguish didn’t bring her back.
While the Sunset church was supportive, individuals in other churches of christ were not. The Key Largo Church of Christ told me i would have to be celebate and alone for the rest of my life and God didn’t forgive this sin. I honestly felt suicidal after meeting with him. After a few stops with work, I went back to my roots, the Gulf Coast of Alabama, for school. Most churches I visited in Mobile, Alabama, didn’t want single dads and their kids. I landed at the University Church of Christ where I was lonely but excepted. The minister, Marshall Underwood, sae would support an effort to have a singles ministry and we planned a singles day. Sixty five adult singles attended with little planning or advertisement! Many were single parents, divorced or shunned by their local congregations.
Twenty years later LAUNCH ministry continues. Our ministry is run by volunteers, outcasts and the neglected. We have never had a budget yet have met for twenty years. Never had a building yet baptized several each year (well over a hundred). Never promoting dating yet many pictures of husbands, wives and their children (our alumni)come in the mail with the Christmas cards each year.
God is good. He allows us to serve the widowed, divorced and never married. We take Jesus to the people the local congregations do not want.
We have our first get together in 2017 this February in Lake City, FL. Our topic is “planting Seeds, preparing soil” and we will study the parable of the planter. We expect a least one hundred singles to join us at a tiny church and learn about Jesus, raise the roof in enthusiastic singing and encourage one another.
Send us your singles…..we want to work with them. Regitration ino i as follows:


One response to “Single in the Church

  1. thanks for sharing this wonderful post. You are a humble, honest man that lives a Christ-like life…thanks for your example…

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