Divorce Recovery- Week 8- FINANCIAL SURVIVAL

$Divorce Recovery- Week 8- FINANCIAL SURVIVAL


Financial Survival Tips

  1. Don’t spend to soothe the pain- the debt will hang around longer than the ex…
  2. Live within your means- are you humble yet?
  3. Do things for yourself- like? Cook, clean, wash the car, make coffee….
  4. Credit cards- Pay what you are responsible for then cut it DOWN…
  5. Limit legal expenses- honestly, the lawyers are not there to help you…just to spend your money…
  6. Budget- Get one. Follow it.
  7. Ask for help

Enter/Reenter the work force

  1. Time to get a job
  2. Go to school- Upgrade (especially if you don’t have children)
  3. Parenting vs. Providing (divorce should INCREASE parental responsibility!)
  4. Child support- there is NO REASON not to pay support. If you are receiving, this money is to benefit the children (time to put them first!)

“and my GOD will meet your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus” Phillippians 4:19

Unfortunately, with more divorce in our society, many children have a parent who is working both nights and weekends. Healthcare is run and maintained on the backs of single parents (mostly mothers) who work nights and weekends. Non- custodial fathers should be available to help with their children when possible and church leaders are needed as mentors and father figures. The modern day widows and orphans are frequently in single parent homes.



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