A Stopover in France, on the way to eternity………….

     My heart froze in my chest when I saw Pray for France pop up on my Facebook. Not again! Thoughts went through my head. As a Christian just returning from the bliss of a mission trip, it is painful to cope with community and national issues here in the states. And more terrorism.
     I questioned security. Paris was diligently patrolled last month when we were there. The European Cup (Soccer) was in swing and France did not want terroristic activity. Bags were searched going in every store and restaurant and streets were patrolled by armed police offers and the military. Yet, weeks later in Nice, lives were taken by a murderous driver of a truck. You can’t prepare for everything. Of course, the Bible reminds us that a righteous and innocent Able was dispatched with a stone. A compassionate and trusting Tamar was abused by her brother while serving him when he was infirmed. And a young Stephen, known for serving hungry widows, was stoned to death. Life is not fair and never has been.
     We have new friends in France, the minister and his wife, Roland and Anna. We met many sweet brothers and sisters and would be sickened to know that any were harmed. I read the victim list on the news feed and am saddened for a father and his son from Texas, a security officer from Switzerland and a student from Russia. Relationships are the most valuable treasure we have and violence threatens.
     When will it end? I study my bible. I know the answer. It doesn’t end until …the end. Revelation 22:14 tells of “when” the believers will wash their robes and enter the gates.
     Until then I dwell in the words of Jesus. Matthew 6: 34 tells me “do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow
has trouble of it’s own” and Jesus assured us that “I am with you always” in Matthew 28:20. For now, there are sick people to minister to, homeless and broken hearted to serve and other believers to encourage. God is good!2

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