84 year old missionary Bud Meyer sets record as oldest man to zip line in Lithuania!

Two years ago missionary (elder, teacher and minister) Bud (Charles) Myers made history when he was the oldest person ever to zip line in Lithuania! I asked him what were his thoughts before he zip lined for the first time. “I had a lot of faith”, he said. “Faith in the harness and the cable! Most of all that God had not ever put me in a position that he couldn’t handle”. So away he went! Was there! Done that! Got the T- shirt!

This summer Bud was back for Camp Ruta Christian Camp and the zip line at Labas Park in Vilnius awaited! So, at age 84, he again set the record for the oldest person to zip line ever. This year he received a coffee cup. Asked if this was it, he replied, “Not a chance!” In a group of missionaries from age 8 – 84, we have to admit that “Dr. Bud” takes the cake.

Bud Myers was one of the original missionaries and founders of Ruta Christian Camp in Lithuania! Week one of Camp Ruta began June 27 with the smaller children (ages 6- 12) and will be followed by a teen camp and family camp.


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