Visit with the Paris Assembly- Église du Christ

Visit with the Paris Assembly- Église du Christ

What a beautiful church assembly! Meeting and greeting one another enthusiastically in the simple and small auditorium of what originally was a farm house built in 1750. Africans and Haitians, Chinese and Californians, Of course, the French and an Englishman (22 nations represented in all)….and two tourist families from the USA: one from a non- institutional church and the other from a progressive group…..beautiful fellowship in French and wonderful hospitality from the minister Roland and his wife Anna Rose…..what an experience!!!

If asked to describe the services, I would say, thorough. After all, they were speaking and singing French! But the preaching was enthusiastic. The singing was melodic and the prayers were enthusiastic. And friendly locals helped us find the right song numbers, encouraged us after with hugs and enthusiastic conversation and when it was all over we were wanting to spend more time with them all. We also learned that many the youth were at another congregation for a singing to encourage.

When Jessica and I committed to a stopover on our way to our mission trip to Lithuania I become Facebook friends with Anna Rose, the Paris congregation’s wife. Her husband Roland called me from Paris at my home in Lillian, AL to get to know me and he assisted with our reservations at a Hotel near the church building, He also agreed to meet us at the airport and did indeed deliver us to the hotel, a wonderful blessing as we arrived very late. Christian hospitality amplified!

So, a little about Paris! We spend four days as tourists in Paris. We bought a Paris Pass, a card that allowed us to hop on and off the tour bus as we made brief visits to the Louvre (saw Mona Lisa, she sends her best!), the Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle Cathedrals, a morning boat excursion up the Seine, and multiple photo ops along the way. Food is good and the brasseries are inexpensive and delicious (or you can spend a lot for a formal meal in a restaurant) .  The people are friendly (contrary to what you have you have heard) and service is adequate. Take the women in your life to Paris. It is a wonderful experience!



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