Perspective! (by Jessica Miller)


It’s the way you look at things. It’s how an artist views a painting, or how a photographer views a photo. It’s how writers view their character, how we view other people, how we view our lives. Sometimes, our focus is off, and we can no longer see things in perspective. We only see the trees, not the forest. We miss the bigger picture because we focus on the social issues instead of the real issues…

So, what do we tend to focus on? What are the social issues, or as I like to call them, “surface issues”?

Surface issues are the little things that are exaggerated as big things that we should be concerned about. They often draw our attention away from the bigger issues, such as homelessness, or poverty. An example from the bible is found in Ephesians chapter two. Paul was trying to unify the Ephesian christians, but the Jews wanted the Gentiles to be circumcised like they were. Circumcision was an act performed on Jewish males when they were babies, and it marked them as God’s chosen people. The Jews began discriminating the Gentiles who were not circumcised, and this caused for more arguements than necessary. Do we create more arguements than necessary? Do we fight over who’s allowed in our church, instead of welcoming them with open arms? Do we choose not to evangelise to some people because they are different than us? Do we focus on the social issues?

What are the real issues that we miss?

Practically everytime I go into Pensacola, one of the first things I see is poverty. People walking the streets, asking for money. People who just need to be loved…but most people don’t even glance at them. We make excuses for not helping people who need helping. We are too busy, we don’t have the money, etc. Why do we make excuses? Why is it that it’s so easy to help when we are children, but we become too busy when we get older? I’m not saying that we can fix homelessness, but we can do something. We can help in our church’s homeless ministry, or start one if there is none. Different people have differnent causes. For me, it’s sad when I hear about a school that is cutting music programs, because I believe that joy can be found in music. Find your cause. Find something to believe in, to help. One person cannot change the world, but many people who care about the world can. Maybe you are someone who really cares about the environment. Good. Raise awareness for issues such as habitat loss for animals. Maybe you like to read. Many kids don’t have the oppurtunity or access to books. There are many organizations out there that help to change something.

In closing, I dare you guys to look at the forest, not just the trees, and find your cause!

-Jessa 0925


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