Preparing for Missions— Comments about Singles and Taking the Word to the World and Making Disciples


64 days and counting! 64 days until Jessica and I land in Vilnius, Lithuania to start our adventure with the team serving the Ruta Christian Camp. We (Dad and 15 year old daughter) will be a part of a team led by two Singles and partnered with two more younger singles and an older preacher plus a contingency from Texas of interesting people that we have not met. Lithuanian ministers and their wives and several unmarried with fill out a staff serving a camp full of kids who are being raised by the first generation of adults to live without Communism. An opportunity to teach Jesus 5,ooo miles from home!

We are blessed to be supported by various believers who appreciate out mission, many who are not Church of Christ members. Does that surprise you? I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve many through singles ministry and counseling from a variety of church backgrounds. I appreciate that some have seen Jesus through interaction with me. That is the goal we all should have.

I enjoy keeping up on FACEBOOK with others preparing to go abroad. An awesome single lady and RN is in Central America as we speak on a medical mission. Toughing hearts and healing bodies. Not her first trip….I know a lot of kids know what Jesus looks like through her. I know a burly guy who is going with a group to Israel this summer to dig in the earth for antiquities and evidence of Bible history. I know the group already in Honduras and those going down this summer to work 12 hour days to build houses so people will have a roof over their heads. I know people in a group who are going to Africa (Zambia) to work at a school and another group who will go with a Doctor to serve the communities. SALUTE! To All!

64 days and counting……………….


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