Mentoring Your Teens Through Lemonade Stands, Thunderstorms, Knick Knacks and No Sales…

So…. was talking to nice gentleman last night about being a single parent…..What a challenge! Raising a child by yourself in this world…Wow!

So…..churches aren’t (much) help to the single (parent). Statistics and witnessed behavior supports this statement. Some of the time the single doesn’t help their cause either (another time).

I am married and blessed to have a gentle wife. I have great kids (15 and 13) at home who I am trying to teach to work in a realistic setting. Jessica and I are going on a mission trip so we are selling Lemonade at the fair this weekend (well, actually, we sat at the fair at sold 3 cups for $2 which = $6 in and about $50 dollars in the hole). Today started with severe thunderstorms….Jameson has a sea shell and knick knack “store” in the local “antique” mall. Rent is $24 a month and his intake thus far is about $13 (minus expenses). He is learning to do a spread sheet….AND, since the weather is lousy, they are now tasked to plant seeds in small planters. Much conflict. They are learning to build character and that life doesn’t come easy….

Last night, Christina Christian, was the featured Entertainer. She (and her accompanying guitarist) is very talented with a mix of original and covered songs. And wonderfully pleasant and cheerful. Professional. Sadly, because nobody was there her talent was largely unseen and she probably didn’t paid.  Character building…and good examples for teens learning to work.

Parenting is tough……….


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