Don’t Allow Your Preferences (Prejudices) to Distance You From God

As we continue our journey through the story of relationships in the Bible, we find a peculiar incident in Numbers 12:1-15. It begins with a statement about how Aaron and Miriam “disapproved” of Moses’ new wife who had Cushite origins. In other words, they didn’t approve of her racial or cultural background. Read and you will become very aware that God does not approve of our prejudices. Ask Miriam. Her result for her hateful behavior was a short term experience of leprosy.

I have has friends ask me how I felt about “interracial” dating or marriage. I have had to address my own upbringing and deal with my own preferences. And, I have also observed the changes in attitudes of friends and family. My opinion is this: you are blessed to find someone who loves you! God wants you to be with someone who loves him first with all their heart. After that, skin tone, height, weight and eye color are trivial. We all have opinions on what is physically attractive. But my grandmother used to say “pretty is as pretty does”. I hope you spend your time with pretty does people!

BTW: remember to tell your preachers and elders that it is just as wrong to discriminate with the budget and planning committees against unmarried people as it t discriminate racially.


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