How much influence do your Parents have in your dating choices?

Genesis 24………. Abraham was concerned that his son, Isaac would not find an acceptable (good enough, God fearing) woman to marry so he had his servant go find a good woman. When the servant located Rebekah, he provided a financial incentive to her family then asked her to go with him and be Isaac’s wife. She accepted this opportunity and became the wife of Isaac, mother of Jacob and Esau.

Here is the million dollar question…. would you allow you mom or dad to help you to choose the person you marry? Do you even appreciate their interest in those that you date? Do you see their involvement as an opportunity to use their wisdom obtained after years of experience in life to help you make a good choice or do you see this as parental interference?

Some more fodder for the cannon……individuals in arranged marriages in the U. S. (yes, it happens) have a very high success rate. We know that divorce is much too prevalent when we choose for ourselves. Statistics show divorce rates even higher when people cohabitate before marriage.

Isaac allowed Abraham to help him find a wife. Rebekah went along. Your thoughts…


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