In the Beginning! Starting Over in the New Year

adam and eve

In Genesis, we see the story of creation. God make the first man, Adam. Then HE (GOD) saw that Adam was alone and that was not a good thing. So, he took a rib from Adam’s side and formed a perfect mate. Not a superior or an inferior being but an equal. God also saw the sin of the couple and he had a plan. He redeemed them.

In Matthew 19, the Pharisees questioned Jesus about divorce hoping to trick him. Jesus pointed back to Adam and Eve’s relationship as the way it was meant to be. One man and one woman committed for life.

Many of you readers are single and waiting on that equal to come along. Understand that God knows you are alone and he is willing for you to have a relationship. Look around. Look in the right places. Use the resources available to you. It is ok to seek a wife or husband. We will go through some of the stories of the Bible this year and look at the right and wrong ways to interact with others. It is an exciting quest!

Check out the upcoming events. Though we don’t serve as a dating site, you cannot have too many Christian friends. And meeting someone through church is a good choice. So get out of the house and spend time with God’s family. Plan an event (something small like a brunch or larger like a retreat). Send a card and make a phone call to encourage. Take a friend to a play or a movie. Connect. Be blessed.



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