Can You Be Single and Happy?

Excerpts from the Article by HEATHER FRIERSON featured in .

I know you have heard all the questions.

*When will you find a husband (wife)?

*Are you dating?

* What do you want to do with your life?

* What is wrong with you? He / She is perfect for you!

*  Don’t you want to get married?

*  Are you gay?

Questions can be sympathetic or intrusive. Reality is that anyone can be too nosy or overly assumptive. Your parents want you to be happy. Your friends want you to be happy. Everybody wants you to be happy. Right?

Then social media contributes to your stress. There’s that “in a relationship” button. Pictures of joyous couples. Dating apps where you can choose the perfect man / woman in a click and make a 20 second judgment of their worth (beware, they just judged you…you need a haircut). IM and Facebook and your smart phone put millions of single (applicants) at your fingertips. Wow! Enough to overwhelm anyone.

Take a minute and relax…Deep Breath….and Remember!

*GOD has a plan for you!

*God will answer your prayers with A Better Way Of Living!

* Life does not begin with marriage (that is a MYTH)


GOD is good! All the time!




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