The Myth of the Soul Mate, Part 2


     Ahh, yes. The Soul Mate! Many are seeking that ONE perfect person and few have found them. I thought I would share a few scenarios for our thought and look at what the Bible tells you to do about love…..

  • Ricky, a married 54 year old man, answered my question about a soul mate. “Well, the ‘LOVE of MY LIFE’, was Lucy, a zany, sexy, smart, strong and beautiful woman”. She left me for another woman and broke my heart. I married Ethel, a sweet girl who has been a faithful and patient wife for 20 years…..GO for reliable and dependable.
  • Teri, a forty something mom of 5 met her prince charming on vacation. He WAS HOTTER than Brad Pitt. I was blown away. “Never been so emotionally unstable in all my life”. He walked away. I met my husband soon after and he IS a ROCK. Good Christian man, good father, good provider.
  • Sam met Diane when he was a young military guy. Mysterious and alluring, Diane led him to bed, marriage, heartaches after affairs and a painful divorce; all in a year and a half. Almost destroyed him. He had compromised his Christian beliefs (even though she was a church member in a conservative church). It took years to get past it all but he met someone “faithful”, Marianne, and is secure in their relationship.
  • Billy couldn’t take his eyes off his Uptown Girl. He wasn’t the handsomest man and she was the bomb! Gorgeous, rich and the apple of everyone’s eye. Everyone’s. She didn’t stay long.
  • Abby just wanted a family. This country girl married the macho workaholic. He couldn’t wait to marry her and take her away. Now she sits in the house talking to a three year old and he seldom comes home. When he does, he is “too tired” to talk or take her “out”.

What does the Bible tell us about SOUL MATES? Nothing? Well, not exactly…..there is one instant.

  • Genesis 2:23 “This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man”. Yep, Adam and Eve were truly SOUL MATES! But, as the story tells us, it wasn’t a perfect relationship.
  • Genesis 24:1-4 Abraham so wanted his son to have a good wife that he entrusted a servant to find one. Would we take “guidance” like that from family and friends?
  • 2 Samuel 11 David and Bathsheeba. Many would point this relationship as one “destined” to be. God doesn’t give you someone else’s spouse as a SOUL MATE.
  • Matthew 1:18-19 Joseph was a righteous man and did not want to expose her to public disgrace. (compassionate and caring).
  • 1 Corinthians 7:9 It is better to marry than to burn
  • 1 Corinthians 7: 28 if you marry, you have not sinned
  • Ephesians 5: 31 the two will become one flesh….

My conclusion is this. As the Bible says, If you are content, then don’t get married. Spouses distract, demand and disagree. Good ones! The bad ones will wreck your lives. But if you need to be married, get married. Think reliable and dependable like Maytag or Toyota! If you marry a Corvette you will have to deal with constant maintenance.

GOD loves you all the time!


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