Ideas about WORK that Work!

Clean cut grooming and respectful clothing and speech might be more likely to make you more employable than seeking out more credentials.

Working for yourself can often pay a lot better than working at a normal job. But you must be disciplined and you need to be flexible.

Hanging Christmas lights can be pretty profitable and so can cleaning leaves out of gutters. Mowing grass with a push mower requires a low investment to buy a push mower and wed eater but I think you should still be able to make $20-30 per hour.

If you have a pickup truck, you could clean rent houses for landlords. If you are handy with fixing things around the house, you can probably make $20-30 per hour to do handyman work.

Being clean cut and acting respectful will probably help you a lot if you wish to work for yourself. You also might need to knock on a lot of doors to find work. I knocked on lots of doors when I was looking for work early on after I started working for myself.

Here is an example of a business card for a man with a truck willing to work!

—-Paul Calvert is a Single Christian man with solutions. I thank him for his article!



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