LOVE HURTS! Gloom despair and agony!

We have all seen the movie! Have heard the song! We know the phrase! Happily ever after!

What if my experiences are not happily ever after?

What if I am divorced? A lot of divorce these days. A lot of opinions too! Maybe we got married too soon! Funny, I know a couple that got married the day after they met and they did ok…………. Maybe we waited too long to get married! Oh yeah, I know a couple that married after dating for seven years and they are ok too! Maybe you married the wrong person! Oh, right. Well I married a girl from _(fill in the blank)_Christian College. She was an elder’s daughter. Couldn’t pick much better could I? I am still divorced. Maybe you were the problem since you married the right person. Hmmm! No doubt that I made many mistakes in the relationship. I am not willing to take all the blame and responsibility. I feel for the children. They feel abandoned…hurt…angry because we, the grownups, couldn’t get along. Too much pain!

What if my spouse died? Honestly, nobody is prepared for a young widow or widower. Wife dies at 35. Husband grieves but is also lonely. Few peers. Treated different.

What if my CHURCH family is dysfunctional. Honestly, most “churches” are for families 25-45 with children OR full of old people. Churches don’t cater to the unmarried, especially the divorced, young widows or single parents.

*Statistics show that 90% of the divorced quit church attendance and most never return. Their children go with them.

*Statistics show that Churches of Christ are attended by approximately 85% married  people even though 51% of the population is single. Florida is one of the highest concentrations of single believers and one of the lowest attendance states. Florida has ZERO singles ministers in churches of Christ. It seems that we are willing to let our younger unmarried attend a denomination elsewhere or not attend. We will take them after they marry? Poor strategy!

Many issues to address, problems to solve, pain to soothe, compassion to share……………..most of our ministers are willing to tell us how we are going to hell but unwilling to make a difference. We want to love Jesus but need to see it from our church family, from our leaders……………

Love Hurts! But we shouldn’t be all alone with that hurt!


One response to “LOVE HURTS! Gloom despair and agony!

  1. The congregation where I attend has been amazing, completely unbelievable. When I 1st found out in February that my husband was having an inappropriate relationship with one of his students, 3 ladies from church called me and wanted to come visit me. They brought supper, we ate, then had a bible study. Then, they bathed my 8 month old twin babies and my 3 year old daughter for me. I was in a fog from the mess going on but they we’re absolutely amazing. And I can’t tell you how many ppl brought us meals right after. Then when my car was repossessed, one of our elders was actually at my house doing a 5 part study with a friend of mine when they came and got it. About 2 weeks later, 2 of the deacons from church showed up with a white Toyota Highlander and handed me the keys. They nearly had to call 911 for me. I almost passed out, never cried so hard in my life. I don’t know what I would’ve done without all of their love and support. If I ever need anything, I know who to call. They’re TRULY God’s hands and feet!!

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