Do You Have a Plan?

adviceGreat Advice!

Sometimes….I wonder…I observe…It seems…..

Sorry! It is challenging me to START this post….I want to be sensitive but it isn’t my style. I need to be tactful but I don’t know how…So, here goes

*DO YOU HAVE A PLAN? (for dating, working, for serving, for growing…..)

  1. Are you committed to doing it right (til the end)?
  2. Will you stick with it regardless of setbacks?
  3. Will you be satisfied with the result?
  4. Are your expectations realistic?

In the Bible, Acts 19:11 and following, there is a story of the “Sons of Sceva”. These men observed the miracles that Paul performed and wanted in on the action. But they did not understand what they were doing. They did not have a commitment to the action, did not expect setbacks, had no goal or expectation of satisfaction beyond immediate gratification. And they were beaten and fled naked into the streets…..

Do you have a plan?Hannah    That’s right! A plan? Does your life (including dating) glorify God? When you meet your soul mate, will you commit? Can you handle setbacks (there will be many)?  What is your goal? Will you be satisfied and content with results of your choices?


One response to “Do You Have a Plan?

  1. Hey there. This was a great piece. It sounds heartfelt.
    Many pple have no plan.
    Feel like sharing lots with you…..
    Could you kindly just write on and explore this question ‘do you have a plan?’
    You will be amazed at how far God will take your thoughts so you can come back and speak to us.


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