God Loves the Singles (overview)

“The church picnic is this Saturday! Every FAMILY should bring enough for themselves and extra to share!”

“A church-wide fellowship is planned for Sunday evening. All families of the congregation are invited!”

” A comprehensive study of the book of Jonah starts Sunday in the Young Marrieds Class”

Have you ever noticed that we live in a couple-oriented society? Every event seems to be indicating an activity planned for couples or families. Yet………

The scene of society is changing rapidly. Statistics show that ten years ago in 1966, there were 10 million singles in the United States. Today, 1976, there are approximately 50 million singles (approximately one single person for every married couple……….. (fade……………………)

Amazing isn’t it. In 1976, Gary Beauchamp recognized that the power and potential of an increasing populace of singles was being exploited in the world. Yet, the church was SLOW to respond to the needs of singles. In any congregation, a person who is single, albeit through death, divorce or decision is a nonentity. They might be present for every service but not be known by leadership, budgeted for in meetings or have a relevant Bible study offered.

Today, in 2015, almost 40 years later, the number of singles has doubled. At this time, not a single church of Christ in Florida has a full time paid singles minister and few have deacons or elders responsible to this population. Few churches budget for the unmarried. Singles are treated as less important in the church if they are thought of at all. In a world full of trial and temptation, more and more of the unmarried are left out of the plans of the local church at a time when most churches are decrying decreased attendance and contribution. Half the population is not even invited to attend.

It must be “bad” to be single. Yet, the apostle Paul recommended the single life in 1 Corinthians 7:7-8. He called it a gift. Jesus saw singleness as a gift for some in Matthew 19:12. Of course, Jesus was a single man.

Somewhere along the line we seem to have picked up an odd opinion of what being single is. Many see singleness as a failure or abnormality cured only by marriage. And marriage is a challenge that many cannot conquer. God didn’t show favor for or against a person regarding their marital status. Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is the priority regardless of  this. Having Christ does not take away human desires for companionship. Nor does marriage. If a person is married for several years and they suffer the loss of a spouse because of death or divorce, the basic needs and drives remain the same.

In my opinion, the local church congregation has a responsibility to honor and nurture a person’s relationship with God regardless of whether they are single or married. 51% of the population is single. Let’s serve them equally!


3 responses to “God Loves the Singles (overview)

  1. Very interesting. It focuses on half the population being married and singleness a gift. But it IS NOT a gift to me and never will be. If Jesus wanted only singles, he would have stopped with Adam, and not Eve or their children or generations after them. Regretfully I am single but it IS NOT by choice. It is because I’ve been cheated on. I know Mr Right will find me— he will be a Christian, share the same family values I have and go to church wth me to name a few, those are what I consider important in a man. Angie

  2. You rock my friend! Always enjoy your articles and even though you are married you have always been able to identify us singles. Most cities including mine are 50% single and that of course isn’t reflected in the church for a multitude of reasons, some church related and some singles related. I have found that even when singles classes and events are offered people don’t participate. It’s certainly something we need to continue praying about. Love you brother. Matthew



    It is very difficult to start/maintain a singles ministry w/o support from the church and/or the singles present in the church. Some larger churches in my area (in the bigger city 30 miles away) are going strong, but honestly, don’t really welcome people from other churches. They will have events/classes, but don’t publicize it outside their own church. Like Matthew said, even if you have support of your church, the singles attendance is low and sporadic. It seems people don’t want to take the time to be friends/make friends or do group activities. Despite being Christian and claiming to desire a different type of dating experience, people usually just end up doing the same things they’ve always done. It gets discouraging because people seldom attend long enough to get connected and be part of the “singles team” which leaves the bulk of the singles ministry responsibilities on the one person. I know singles ministry/groups should be in place to serve the needs of singles of the church/area to connect to others and be part of a group but so many attend with the sole purpose of “finding the one” and get disappointed when that doesn’t happen. So they overlook the friendships and support they could be getting from members of the group if they would stick around long enough for that to happen. I would love to see the few singles groups in my area get together and do things together more often..but each seems OK with doing their own thing with their own people. It doesn’t leave much opportunity to meet new people and make new friends…we just end up doing things with the same few people all the time. So in saying all that, idk if singles groups are old fashioned or just ahead of their time. It must seems easier for people to hit the internet and shop around instead of investing time to get to know the people around you that God naturally puts in your life. Christine

    My church is good to nurture/disciple/minister to everyone whether single or not. We’ve had singles groups on a couple of different occasions, there was just not enough participation. To keep it going. Christine

    Here in Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, and surrounding Space Coast area, we created our own ministry and invite all churches around Brevard county. No more complaining, we just do it since the churches don’t. We are able adult. It means we all serve each other. Check it out on meet up.com and start your own ministry. Once you sign up, look for Christian groups. Start a meet up group. Check out ours which started in Palm Bay , called Brevard Christian singles. Just do it!! Carol
    This group is for Christians singles, led by the Holy Spirit, gathering together to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through the study of His Word, through laughter; and by learning to serve

    We had the same issues, not enough people to help out; moreover, getting approval from the eldership from one church. However, we have opened our Meetup.com site so that anyone can add (suggest) an event that may be happening in their church (movie night, Holy Grounds Café, beach walk, bible study in a home, movie night, museum, walk the bridge, Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant, Christmas open house, prayer night and fellowship) . we have some churches that open their fellowship hall on Friday nights and everyone brings a snack and we all chip in money for coffee, water, soda. Our “Brevard Christian Singles Meetup has been going for 10 years now and has been rated as a premier meetup site. we do not affiliate with any particular church, and it is not affiliated with any one congregation, it’s just a bunch of Christians that want to connect because there is not enough people in one church that would want to manage it. We have 3 main organizers. 1) Organizer that approves our events or shuts them down based on appropriateness for Christians. 2) a lawyer who is a single and she keeps us straight on what we put out on the website. 3) We also have one other guy that helps people if they don’t know how to enter an event on to the website (even though anyone can add an event to the website). It does cost money to have a website – about 400 a year. So, when we meet for a picnic or something, we have a container so people can donate for the website – we charge $5 per year. Of course, some people send in more to cover those who would not be able to give. Any extra goes into food or paper supplies for picnics, etc. We are connecting with many Christians and churches in Brevard County. It is wonderful!! Get a few people together from different churches and connect and start a Christian Singles Meetup.com organization. Get someone who is smart on computers and software. Skill + willingness = Successful Christian Singles meetup! Blessings to you. Carol

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