Letter from a Single Mother

Karen Hamilton is a single mother and has been for many years. She raised three wonderful children (who are now three awesome adults), 2 girls and a boy. She taught respect and love for God, family and country. Read below to be encouraged.

This is on my heart this morning so I want to share. To all of you single Moms out there I want you to know that you matter. All of the blood, sweat and mostly tears that have and are a part of all that you do for your family matters. While you may not feel important or that anyone notices all the sacrifices you make, there is One who sees all and remembers. Heartbreak is a part of who you are but it is through those heartaches that you are able to relate and love others. The burden is not an easy one but it is a life well lived. So today just know that you are remembered and thought of by those of us who understand and by a God who loves you very much. ~Karen



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