God Loves the Single…on a date?

Disclaimer….you all know that I have a low opinion of dating! I really like the Josh McDowell book, “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”, until I realized he was twelve years old (lol). But, really, too often we dismiss the awesome, wonderful Christian brother of sister because they are “too familiar”, “seem like a sister”, “too sweet”….etc. and chase after that tall dark and gruesome stranger. Why?

Ok! So, this post is not to talk you out of a date. It is to tell you what to do to have a nice time and please God.

You have a date…..

Things to think about:

* Dress comfortably and appropriately- It would probably be a good idea to discuss where you plan to go and dress in similar fashion. If you are going to a casual restaurant then dress comfortably. It can be awkward if the guy wears flip flops and a t-shirt and the girl is in a little (not too little, mind you) black dress. If you plan to walk or run, sneakers could be a good choice. Wash your hair, brush your teeth. Good hygiene is appreciated by most.

* Respect the wallet! Guys, don’t go broke trying to impress a woman with how much you can spend on dinner. Ladies, even if he seems loaded, help him keep some jingle in his pocket. It will be noticed.

* Respect the morals- I know none of you are tempted to go anywhere trashy but you could be surprised by circumstance. I’ll give you an example. As a young adult, I took a nice girl to the Lamplighter Dinner Theatre in Montgomery, AL. This was and probably still would be the pinnacle of sophistication in that city! Good choice? Yes! Affordable! Able to dress comfortably. BUT….didn’t research the play. “Cactus Flower”. The play opened with a girl in a skimpy night gown on a bed. I lost the connection with my date immediately. She was an elder’s daughter (and the sister of a boy who become a preacher). She was uncomfortable and it was my fault. And I drove too fast…..Fail!

* Consider the time- Even if neither has to awaken too early one should not keep someone out too late. Consider what your date (or you) might need to accomplish in the morning. Start a little early and come home early. If a Saturday night date, remember church service on Sunday morning.

* Compromising positions- Don’t! Beware hanging out on the couch…yada! yada! yada!

God recognized that it “was not good for man to be alone”. Enjoy your time getting to know potential mate…..or making a good friend. God loves you!


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