GOD Loves the Children of the Single Parent Equally!

God Loves the Children of the Single Parent Equally!

Statistics tell us that the children of Single Parent homes suffer in many ways:

*Higher incidence of depression

*Higher use of drugs and alcohol

*Higher rate of teenage pregnancy

*Higher drop out rate and/or lower grades

*Lower college attendance rate

I could simplify matters and state that it is simply a case of less parental supervision. I could villianize the parents, both the custodial and the absent parent. I could state that money and time is better spent on the “sure thing”, the kids with two interested parents. Ahh! So simple. Of course, if I did this I would have to admit that I would have done better if I had a stable upbringing. I would have to discount many wonderful and awesome successful men and women who were raised in single family homes. My oldest daughter suffered through the divorce of her parents (yes, I am half of that).

What is needed is equal access to finances when churches plan events for kids and their single parents. Also, needed are men and women who are willing to mentor these kids and who are willing to give the single parent support, encouragement or maybe a break in their busy schedule. Single parents and their children do not get enough attention from church leadership (or at the workplace). Take the plight of a single woman working as an RN at the local hospital.

*The single parent RN will spend almost twice as much money on child care as the married counterpart

*The single parent will miss twice as many days for illness of the children

*The single parent of a teenager will leave the child home alone at night more often because of work  responsibility. This will result in increased opportunity for involvement in pornography, drug and alcohol use and will increase the opportunity for sexual activity.

GOD loves these children too! Does the church?



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