God Loves the Single Too!

excerpts from “God Loves the Single, Too” written by Gary Beauchamp (approx. 1974).

Many Singles feel like outsiders in the church. Yet Jesus was single as was Paul. Three major themes can be very helpful to the single.

First, you are a person of great value! God appreciates  and loves you as you use your talents as a 20 year old nursing student who pays her bills waitressing at the pizza joint or as a welder at the ship yard. Singles in the church are medical doctors, psychologists, salesmen, managers, ministers, plumbers, techies, truck drivers, rocket scientists, lawyers and dental hygienists. You might be a college kid or a senior citizen. You are the single parents, the never married, the widowed, the divorced. Many of you are surprised to still be single, shocked to be single again or devastated after losing a spouse after a fifty year marriage. God sees and knows your situation. He purchased your life at great expense with the sacrifice of his son, Jesus.

Secondly, there are answers to all the traumas and challenges of the single Christian from the all time best seller, the Bible. Your problems in life are unique but God has seen it all.

Lastly, satisfaction and security comes with a relationship with God the Father, Jesus the son and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Take god at his word. Trust him, follow him and commit to him.

If you desire to live as a Christian single and overcome the major problems in a world turned upside down by changes in morals, values and expectations then you must know that answers are available. The single can expect a richer life, be a better person, find true joy and happiness and have a lasting relationship with their Saviour, Jesus Christ.

So, buckle up. Expect new thoughts about every two weeks. Comments welcome! Guest authors coveted! Upcoming events (managed by awesome Carol B.) are opportunities to fellowship and worship. Enjoy!



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