New Beginnings……………

     Happy New Year! 2015 is here (doesn’t sound right , does it? ) So, what are we going to do with it? And, don’t tell me nothing changes but the date! Below is a list of things that do or do not change with or without you  —-then a list of things you can change —–

  • Insurance deductables start over…..but, you also have new money to spend at the dentist…..
  • New Year’s Day brings alot of  excitement about sports, and quick disappointment for most!
  • The sun comes up…..the first Sunrise of the year is almost always pretty!
  • Church starts at the same time.
  • Work expects you to show up.
  • Politicians still lie.
  • Grass is green…………

So, what can I change?

  • Make peace with God. How, you ask? Pray! Feed someone who is hungry. Visit the sick. Be baptized.
  • Tell your family you love them….every day….act like you mean it!
  • Raise your children!
  • Understand that TV, sports, Nascar, Wraslin’, Hunting and Fishing are “hobbies” and “distractions” and we can spend less time being distracted.
  • Understand that though we have responsibility to work, we also have a responsibility to make the lives of others better through it.
  • Commit to other SINGLES including outings that encourage (see upcoming events!)
  • Be thankful!

Peace and love!


One response to “New Beginnings……………

  1. Alone for the first time in my life so I started a graditude journal – morning and night – l wrote down 5 things l thanked God for. Wow it changed me and l moved on making new friends and getting involved in anything that interested me. I was writing in those journals and then sort of forgot about it. This morning I was moving some books on a kitchen shelf and spotted one of the journals. Opened it up to the last entry 1-5-14. I love God’s sense of humor. I sat there laughing to myself and then picked up a pen to begin this years treasure chest of things I am grateful for. Love and Peace, Kathy

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