Celebrating Christmas…..

Random thoughts about why Christmas is important……

  • the world is thinking about Jesus and watching YOU…. = opportunity to teach
  • Wearing a Christmas tie and stating that you don’t “celebrate” Christmas is  – Asinine
  • You spend all that time and money and ignore faith? Really? What does that tell the world? – influence
  • We worry about “lying” about Santa (which is pretty silly) but take the time off at church. Office closes, nobody answers the phone, some services cancelled when the world around us is either hyperinvolved or desperately lonely….= lack of compassion and understanding
  • We don’t know what day Jesus was born….really? We don’t know how many ounces of water was used for baptism or what song the disciples sang and yet we carry on = time to get real
  • God is good= all the time + even on Christmas
  • Xmas takes Christ out of Christmas + and puts the cross in it……
  • We argue and debate the meaning and importance of Christmas…= the life, death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ is “of real importance” 1 Corinthians 15:4 says St. Paul. Birth is life.

So Merry Christmas! Happy New year! Celebrate as you wish! Jesus is Lord!


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