Time to pray!

Remember when the guy stole and hid the treasure under his tent? (Joshua…..) I know you do. God let Joshua know that until the sin was rooted out, he didn’t want to hear prayers for success. Read the story!

In your Christian walk as a single, are there “issues” that God needs you to “root out” before you find a mate? Or would you rather keep the issue and be single? Here are a few thoughts… I may be wrong or I may be right…. What do you think?

  • “I am so set in my ways that I couldn’t live with someone else” -do you like being alone?
  • “If God wants me to have a spouse, he will send them to me” – do you pln to marry the UPS man?
  • “Relationships are too messy” – Yes, that is true!
  • ” I am not mature enough to share my life” – you probably should be single….
  • ” I have to establish my career” – job before marriage
  • ” I don’t like children” – don’t have them!

So, what can you add?


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