Attracting a Good Woman

Traits of Attraction (the Lure)
“It is the same in love as in war” -Marguerite de Valois
Men, thing about hunting or fishing. How do you attract (or lure) the game to you. You have to have the right bait. Works the same when you are meeting and women. You must be attractive! Not just the shallow “big muscles, glib tongue” but depth that a good woman can hold on to. Let’s talk about it.
• Mental strength- a women wants someone to talk to. She wants you to be sharp enough to understand where she is coming from (yes, I know we don’t really understand women) and stimulating enough to keep her going.
• Social strength- women are attracted to men who impress a room. Period. If you are the alpha male at the party, she notices. She will notice if you have friends and relationships.
• Strength of character- A woman wants to know that you can lead. She needs a man who can make good decisions for the relationship. Who will do what is right over what he wants. The key is do what is right. Not always what she wants. It is attractive when you are the person she met and you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater just to please her every whim. Plus, she will know when you have given up the things you want to keep her content. And she won’t like it. Nobody wants a milk toast man.
• Loyalty- If you are loyal to your friends and family, she will want to be first one then the other. A good Christian woman wants to see loyalty to God and family. She will know that if you are not respectful to your mama or your sisters, you can’t be respectful to her.
• Fearlessness- A double edged sword that can get you hurt but…your woman wants you to protect her. You are to meet the home invader at the door. Find and vanquish the spider or snake in the garage. Negotiate with the car dealer. This is why women are attracted to policemen and firemen. Step up. Use your BRAIN and figure out a good ending but STEP UP.
In summary, use your brain and social skills, show some backbone and be a


“the good fighters of old put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat” –Sun Tzu

The Approach – You have to know when and how to approach a good woman!
• Body language- Check your posture. Stand up straight. Your ace should look calm, cool, collected. Happy to be alive.
• Respect personal space. Don’t intimidate. Don’t stand over a person . Don’t be overbearing. Just be the nicest person she ever met.
• Have an opener. If you want to talk to someone, have something to talk about. Nothing lame! Ask her opinion about……
• Tell a story. If she is from Tulsa, tell about something that happened to you in Wichita, Lincoln, anywhere.
• Small talk doesn’t have to be small. Be fun. Give info. Make her happy.
• Don’t whine about work, complain about church or find fault with her ball team. Be positive.


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