SGW wrap up!

What a joy to see all of you at the Spiritual Growth Workshop!
We have accomplished many things over the years. We are still educating our leadership on the needs of the single Christian. I want to thank Lance Morgan for his assistance introducing our class to various singles: the educated minority male, the never married middle age woman, single parents, the vocational young adult, the widowed too early and those livng today for for financial reasons….We feel that all should be welcomed to church. GOD loves each as they come to him. With time, he will expect progress and improvement.
The class about divorce/ grief recovery went well. There is so much pain and suffering related to both. Our responsibility as the church is to be a shoulder to cry on, an encourager to build others up and someone to share little victories as well as the pain of failure. We are family!
“The Dating Game” was a chance to teach and infuse humor as we explore the enigma of dating. GOD didn’t tell us to date….just to either enjoy singleness or to find a mate in marriage if needed. So…be careful as you explore computer dating, speed dating or blind dating.


2 responses to “SGW wrap up!

  1. Wow! It sure was a great weekend. My favorite was the Thousands, in one ballroom, a taste of heaven! Awesome!! Great to see old and new Friends! It gets better every time I go. Check out the “Upcoming Events”. I’ve added a few more Conferences. And I have a few more to add. I suggest folks to “Follow” Upcoming Events! and you will get updates as I add them. Blessings!!!! Carol

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