Been working on this for the last 9 months and very excited to finally get to share it with you. My NEW website www.MorrowInvest.com 


I know for the last 5+ years I have been living in anonymity and people, even friends, really didn’t know what I really do for a living. When I tell people I am retired and just manage my investments, they have the funniest array of reactions. Part of it stems from a misunderstanding of the term retired. It doesn’t mean I don’t work, it just means I don’t have to work. Isn’t that the point of this entire process of hard work people do every day?


Basically I have been pursuing PASSIVE Income streams for the past 14 years. These are streams of income that pay me no matter if I am working or not. I used to be a financial advisor and have insurance premiums that are still paid to me each month. My main source of passive income though is rental properties. Now I would like to start giving back by sharing my experience. I want to show people how they can retire in the next ten years, with little startup income. This is something you can start on the weekends or evenings.


Learn to start your own business, minimize your taxable income, maximize your profits, and be free to serve others. I currently have 5 Mentorships available. Let me know of you are interested in leaving the rat race forever!


Check out the website and let me know what you think! If you have questions feel free to message me.

(MATTHEW MORROW is a Christian man and a guest Blogger. See what he can do to help you..)


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