(The) Independent and Young Working Single…..

Looking for the Perfect Christian Mate?thHi,

I’m Hannah! I love the Lord with all my heart. I was baptized by my Daddy when I was thirteen. I am not pregnant. I am not unemployed. I’m not broke. I’m not slow, don’t lack ambition. I am not homely, a loser, limited or trivial. I have a small business. I am a hair stylist. All I ever wanted to do was to style hair and make girls pretty. I cut the hair off all my Barbies. I had a doll that I could curl hair on. I gave my poodle, my dad, my grandmother and my sister a permanent when I was a teenager. Did I say “I like to style hair?”

I went to a vo tech in high school and became a hair stylist. I obtained a license at age 18. I opened my own business at age 20. I added an employee last year so we are now a 2 chair shop. I belong to the chamber of commerce.

The only place that I don’t fit in is at church. Our large, local church has a “College and Young Professionals” group. I attended for a few weeks. I didn’t fit. I’m not a college student. Don’t want to be one. I have a favorite team…FSU… and watch football. But, I won’t be in English 101 or Microbiology. I felt that I was disappointing the young professionals.

Interestingly, I fit in with the “young at heart”…the retirees. Many of them started their own business without a college degree and worked hard. Problem is…I’m 21.

So, here’s the question. As I read the Bible, I see women like me. Ruth, who worked hard and found a good husband. My namesake, Hannah, who wanted to be a mother. The woman in Proverbs 31: industrious and faithful……

Why am I not good enough for your College and Young Professional Group?


3 responses to “(The) Independent and Young Working Single…..

  1. Wow!! Congratulations on your spirit of adventure and business successes! You more than qualify as a Young Professional, and while you may not think you fit in, you actually are succeeding at things those in college can only dream about! I would like to think you should keep attending the College and Young Adults Classes, and see where God leads you in 6-12 months. Best Wishes

  2. You are the best. Many of the College and young Professional group should hope to grow up and be YOU one day. Keep your goals, focus and follow through. God is with you!

  3. Hannah, it’s not that you are not good enough; it’s that the young professionals are not quite at the maturity level that you are (in my opinion). I went through this when I was in my early 20’s and, being that I didn’t have a college degree, I was a “disappointment” to the professionals. God has your perfect partner in mind, just be patient. It sounds like you have a really level head and that you are doing quite well. Don’t just settle because you are without a partner, you are still very young and the love of your life will walk into your life when you are not looking. Stay focused on your goals and living by the Word. Blessing to you.

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