Beating ourselves up over not sharing the Gospel more does not get us very far. It hasn’t worked yet to motivate us to be more eager to share our faith, has it?
We need to look at why we don’t share our faith more, and then realize that some of those reasons are dumb, some are valid.
One valid reason is that we often forget what it was like to not know the Lord. For some of us, we can’t remember what that was ever like because we came to know Christ as a child. For others of us, we have walked closely with God for so many years that we have long forgotten our B.C. (Before Christ) days.
If it helps you at all, try to remember what you felt like, how you thought, what hope you lacked when you didn’t know Jesus way back when. Then, realize that many of the people around you are right where you were before coming to know God. Even if they wear a very brave face and act like they have it all together, many of them are not sure why they are even on the planet.
For those of us from non-Christian homes, remember the gloom that hung over the house when it was clear that Satan was boss—broken marriages, alcoholism, tirades, torrents of unkind words—you remember now, don’t you?
Don’t get so far away from your past without Christ that you forget what it was like not to have Him. I think even a few minutes of remembrance of life before Him can motivate us to share His love with others.
Personally, I will never forget what it was like to grow up in a non-Christian home and the cloud that hung over it. I never want to go back to that, and I don’t want anyone else to have to live in that kind of household. That sometimes motivates me to share my faith.
Prayer: Lord, remind me of what life was like without You. Use that remembrance to loosen my tongue when I have a chance to say something about how great You are.

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