Quotes from LAUNCH Christian Singles

Jennifer Lambert

Jennifer Lambert    is a Christian Single from the D.C. area and works for the US Government

“The love we don’t pour out on a spouse made out of dust is made available to our Eternal Spouse. If we are destined to marry, we will discover how precious that “extra” love for God was.”

Matthew Morrow is a Christian single from Montgomery, AL and the hardest working man in Alabama!

“Singles are the least served group in the churches of Christ! ”

Hannah Greene is a college (age) business owner (Uptown Salon, Jay, FL)

“Churches don’t have a place for the young working person. I started my business at age 19 and own my own house. The “college and young professional” group didn’t accept that I don’t plan to go to college. I make a living doing what I love and am ready for a family. ”

Jason Davis is a younger widower from the Atlanta area

Although we have the words of James to remember the widows and orphans, we do neglect widows. Widowers are also forgotten. I was fifty when my wife died just over four years ago, and I have long ago lost count of the number of times that I have left the Sunday morning assembly without an invitation to join someone for lunch. Singles are not likely to ask a married couple if they will have lunch, for fear of infringing on their time together as husband and wife. There have been entire months when I have eaten every meal alone, and the loneliness does not help to heal the grief. For me, not having any close family within 500 miles makes it even more difficult. There are no parents left, and I never had siblings, so the only close family for me is my daughter and grandson, and they are too far away.


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