BLINK! 7 seconds to make that first impression!!!

to Success in your Ministry:

Understanding How People Think and React

“Often we live our lives in chains and don’t even know we have the key” (the Eagles, 1974)


BLINK  written by Malcolm Gladwell


The following are thoughts about how to better relate with others:


  • It takes 7 SECONDS for a person to make a judgement about you and your church, ministry, etc. It takes YEARS to overcome it!
  • Compassion is unique but CONTEMPT is universal.
  • People who SUE churches, doctors, organizations, etc. state that they did so because they were rushed, ignored or treated poorly or disrespectfully.
  • Tone of voice is more truthful than the words spoken.
  • Free Will is often an illusion.
  • We need to accept our own ignorance and say “I don’t know more often.”
  • BEWARE the Warren Harding Syndrome (in the Bible it is the SAUL syndrome). Just because he looks like a leader doesn’t mean he is a leader.
  • Even if things are horrendous (at work, in your life), you still give it your best.
  • You must trust you subordinates and let them work!
  • Do not be “ so focused on the mechanics and the process that you forget the problem. “


I hope these thoughts help you as you go out and meet others for Jesus!


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