Memorial Day Thoughts!

     We grew up in South Alabama where we celebrated Mardi Gras instead of (the Yankee holiday) Memorial Day. Well, the school system did. At our house we remembered those who served. My dad was an oringinal BEACH BOY! During WW2 he hit every beach in the Pacific while fighting the Japanese. 4 years of hardship. 2 more in Korea. He saw many die and always remembered. He taught us to honor them and to serve. All four of his sons served in the military. My brother George just retired after 30 years. Other family members served also.

     Many didn’t come back from Europe and the Pacific, Korea, Vietnam and now, the Middle East. We have the privilege of  freely enjoying life, work, worship…..because of these men amd women who serve.

      Today, thank a vet for your freedom.


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