Laura Ingalls Wilder on Mother’s Day

Laura Ingalls Wilder on Mother’s Day

The relationship that children share with their mother is unique, to say the least.  Laura’s relationship with her mother was no exception.  They spent countless hours together as they lived together with the rest of the family on the prairies of America.

Later in life, after she lost her mother, Laura reflected on that relationship as she wrote these words:
“Reading a message from my mother, I am a child again and longing unutterable fills my heart for Mother’s counsel, for the safe haven of her protection and the relief from responsibility which trusting in her judgment always gave me.”

“When to realms of boundless peace, I am waiting to depart
Then my mother’s song at twilight
Will make music in my heart.
“Hush, my babe, lie still and slumber;
Holy angels guard thy bed.”
And I’ll fall asleep so sweetly, Mother’s blessings on my head.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

May you be blessed with sweet memories of your mother.  The Old Man in the Bib Overalls


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