May Flowers!!!!!!!! (And things to do)

      Spring has finally secured itself here in the Northeast (thank goodness)! The skies are blue and the grass is green and the temperature is staying above 50!!! Time to clean and paint and powerwash!

People tell me that they are bored! Check out the upcoming events! Retreats for singles abound. Opportunities to serve (for all) abound. New friends are waiting to be met and old ones are ready for a hug! Get out there and do something!

  • Have a good time! Need an example? A group of us will go listen to the L’ Angelus Band play the Big Apple! We enjoy supporting this sweet and talented foursome family Cajun band from Lafayette, LA! Not in the area. Get a group together and go see Holly Shelton in Pensacola, the Southern Gentlemen in Alabama or YOUR favorite band in YOUR town!
  • Do something good for your community! Our project is to PAINT a BARN in NJ! You might do something similar in Tennessee, Florida or Michigan. Send pictures!
  • Plan a Friend and Family Day at church. Invite the unchurched, not just people like you. Serve lunch after. Don’t know who to ask? Try this recipe: invite a Muslim or Hindu, a person with piercings and tattoos, a homeless person and the mayor. Why not? You never know what window God has opened for you until you check.
  • Encourage! Encourage! Encourage!

God is good all the time! And all the time…..God is good!



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