Be an Encourager, not a Critic!

ROMANS 14:22 “Whatever you believe about these things, keep between yourselves and GOD” (NIV) -or- “cultivate your relationship with GOD but don’t impose it on others”

Romans 14 tells us how to encourage another! Check it out!

  1. accept the one with weaker faith
  2. don’t quarrels about matters of opinion
  3. it’s ok if you celebrate holidays and its ok if you don’t
  4. what to eat and drink….be considerate of others but don’t feel guilty about your diet.
  5. Why would you judge others? That is GOD’s job! Don’t you trust that HE can handle it?
  6. Your job is to encourage
  7. Don’t make up stumbling blocks for others
  8. If it is a matter of opinion, keep it to yourself

John 13:35 “everyone will know you are my disciples by the way you love one another”




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