Matthew 11:17, Luke 7:32 ” We played a pipe for you and you did not dance. We played a dirge for you and you did not mourn”

This is a three level discussion.

     SINGLES: Do you want to stay single? I can tell you (practically guarantee it!) several ways to guarantee that you will not ever find a mate (if you are looking) or contentment (if you want it).

  1. Keep whining about how miserable you are. Misery loves company…not so much.
  2. Continue nitpicking about what is wrong with others! Too short, too tall, too heavy, too thin, too……Look in the mirror! What do you see? Too what? The only person you can control is you. If you think you are too big, thin, dress funny, need a haircut, shoes don’t match, etc., do something about it. If you think I have a problem, don’t worry about it. I will work on me (just saying).
  3. Post all you faults and failures on facebook! Can’t balance a checkbook? Can’t keep a job? Angry at the world? Hate your momma? ….Trust me. It isn’t attractive. Post positive, encouraging info that would entice a person to be near you.
  4. Be inflexible as you look around for friends. If you are rigid enough, you’ll guarantee a life of solitude.

     Churches and leaders: Once there were 100 sheep but one wandered away becuase he/she had a behavioral disorder. You didn’t go find them and you shrank to 99. One of your (backsliding? liberal? wishy washy?) families wandered away to a denomination that had a better children’s program….you let them go and talked about them to others…..Down to 94 sheep. The neighborhood is “in transition” and the other folks don’t sing like us….so a few left. Down to 88. Many senior saints went on to the promised land….Down to 78….Don’t care to minister to the divorced, impoverished, prisoners, addicts and other socially unacceptable (to you)… let them go….down to 49. Angry at all the Indians or Arabs or Jews or Phillipinos who moved into your neighborhood? Don’t want to learn Spanish?  You are down to 25! Don’t minister to SINGLES (51% of the population) Down to 10…..

      Soon you will be out of sheep! Instead of posting about Bible study, do Bible study! Instead of posting about baptism…baptize! Instead of talking about the homeless, hungry, sick or grieving…take care of them!

In Love,



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