Bloom where you are planted…a good idea or bad?

     I guess the big question is whether we are a plant? Did GOD command us to have roots? Think about Abraham. What if he had told GOD, ” I think my roots are in Ur ” He would have died undoubtably near the grave of his father. And he would not have traveled to the promised land. Think about Moses. Obviously, he was planted in the Nile River and grew up in a palace. Who would have blamed him for planting himself in the palace?  Think about Esther. She was chosen and implanted as the QUEEN. What if she had chosen to be content? What if James and John had told Jesus, “No thanks! We have jobs and family here on the Sea of Galilee.” Wonder if Mary hesitated riding that donkey for hours and days while nine months pregnant. Bet she didn’t want to birth the King of the universe in a barn. But, what if they had become comfortable there and never left for Egypt.

      Now, what about our lives…..

  • What if the good job is in Kingston or Kansas or Kissimmee but the roots are in Carrollton or Cairo or Clarksville? Do you take the Last Train to Clarksville and pick up an unemployment check or will you be Leaving on a Jet Plane for a job among sunflowers?
  • If you are hung up in rut of malaise and moderation, do you take a right turn on the Stairway to Heaven or a left on the Highway to Hell?
  • Are your roots influenced by whether you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or Born under a Bad Sign?
  • Do you hesitate in life because your Mama told Me not to Come, said you’re no good no good, no good….or that you are nothing but a Hound Dog.
  • whether you were born on the back seat of a Greyhound Bus or are the Son of a Preacherman, GOD has a plan for you!

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