Parenting Tips

Parenting………….what a challenge! So, they tell us there are 3 styles of parenting.

1) AUTHORITARIAN: In this style the parent makes all the decisions, controls the environment with rewards or punishment, acts that htey are better than the child and tend to be iron handed and provide little freedom of expression. GOD demonstrated this style with the 10 commandments and sacrificial system. And, the people did not  prosper. Neither will your children..

2) PERMISSIVE: In this style the parent is a slave to the child. The child is the focus of the relationship. The child controls te life of all family members. It is alot like Disneyland for the child and like a job for the parents. And the end result is rebellion! Remember Eli and his sons.

3) AUTHORATATIVE: Give choices and guidelines and let the child make decisions. Be consistent! Accountability is essential and discipline must be love driven. Teach self respect. Reality is the teacher and you are the example. The prodical son story. Raise up a child and in his old age he won’t stray FAR from it…(paraphased)



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