Paintball Recap

Early November means one thing around the Sweet Gum Head Church of Christ and community! The Galloway Family hosts Paintball for all followed by dinner in the barn. This past Saturday at least 3 local elders, 4 ministers and church members from Alabama, Georgia and Florida got divided into teams and “traded paint”. Grandmothers to grandsons, husband and wives, youth group members and friends enjoy nature, adventure and a little pain. Then all come together to give thanks and share a feast!

      LAUNCH SINGLES leader Jim Miller brought his 12 year old daughter and 10 year old son. Former Mobile Inner City Director Bill Draper brought his boys. Sean White brought the youth group.Fathers brought wives, chilren and grandchildren.
      “I come for the fellowship,” stated Jim Miller. ” My son Jameson comes to shoot and be shot! My daughter comes to hang out.” we learn teamwork and patience and are treated like family. aybe more church ministers and elders should share paintball. It certainly intensifies relationships!”
       One observation of the weekend events was that people act different sharing activities than they do sitting in the pew. Need some fellowship? Paintball!

Jameson Miller ready to Paintball!


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