I think we all noticed the great Chicken Sandwich stand at Chick-fil-e. Busiest day in the history of the store! Dan Cathay told us what we already know. Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman.  That is not a surprise! Christians have known that for 2000 years. if you don’t want to be married in GOD’s way you can have a civil union. that’s the law in the USA……I actually know a man and woman who don’t want to be married (because of the physical intimacy issue -didn’t want it) but chose to get a civil union and were refused….WHY? Because they were a man and woman! What’s up with that?

      Ok! So we all bought chicken sandwiches. Now what? I have some ways to keep you busy out of the box  (the building). Here are ways to “preach the gospel” with action.

* write a soldier an encouraging note. Thank them for their service and encourage their faith. I can give you a name and address or two!

*Help us give a deserving family a home! $10 will help alot. I have the address. Ask!

* Send a card of sympathy and understanding. send a get well card. Write a prisoner……..I have an address!!

* Take a homeless person to lunch (with you where YOU eat) onece a week for a month. Let them do 90% of the talking.

*Support EVERY local singing, meeting and special event at the churches in your town. Do not go to critique but to encourage (THERE IS MUCH TOO MUCH CRITICISM ALREADY).

Pray! Praise! Petition! Meditate! Be thankful!



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