Honor your father and mother…..

The Father Factor


Hppy Father’s Day!

Six Gifts a father can give his child……

   1) Love their mom   (even if the marriage is over you need to be respectful and supportive)

   2) Teach your kids to respect (others, property, law)

   3) Give spiritual direction to your family. To quote Matthew Morrow “it is time to man up!”

          A  statistic David shared        *If you study with and convert a child, there is a 3.5% chance the

                                                         family of that child will follow in his steps…..

                                                         *If you convert the mother, there is a 17% chance that the family will

                                                          also be converted to Christianity……

                                                          *If you convert DAD, there is a 93% chance the family will

                                                           convert to Christianity!!!!!!!

4. Encourage your kids. Catch them doing something good.

5. Invest quality time.

6. Pray for your kids.

    SINGLE DADS……Stay in that child’s life!   

       * Visit as much as you can

       * Be generous with the financial support

       * DO NOT argue in front of the children

       * DO NOT criticize the mother

       * It is never too late to build that relationship


Thanks to David Weisman at MCC, Milmay, NJ.



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