“You shall have no other gods before me!” Exodus 20:3

     “Sorry i have been a bit sporadic writing…..I have been discouraged and frustrated….i have sought clarity and understanding as to what GOD would have me do as far as ministry and service….i would love to be in ministry (paid) somewhere but we are here in pensacola with family. GOD expects me to take care of my family and i am good with that. I would love for a local church (and it’s singles) to get fired up about ministering to other singles. It isn’t happening…..And, I have to take alot of vacation at a time that I didn’t need it and will be in NJ for the summer….But, here is the clarity! Thou shalt not …have other GODS before me! GOD expects us to serve him in all things!

      Biblical religion is exclusive in nature. GOD expects to be the most important driving force in your life. Yahweh to Israel, Jesus to the saved, I AM to Moses and Pharoah….GOD is first and only. HE will not be a choice, HE is the only choice!  HE does not seek a place in a pantheon of many gods. There may be a temple of a thousand buddhas or a system of many hindu dieties (animals….). God does not share space with such. GOD is GOD!     FATHER!     SON!        HOLY SPIRIT!       GOD!

None of us would place our GOD in a basket with these idols or would bow down to a cow, would we? Of course not!

“Hear O Israel! The LORD our GOD the LORD is one! Love th LORD your GOD with all your heart and all your soul and with all your strength” Deuteronomy 6:4-5, Matthew 22:37-38. In other words, GOD is always first!

* What about work? You are to be a Christian at work. You are to work hard and conduct yourself as a Christian. If “talking religion” isn’t allowed or you are not comfortable with it, you still are obligated to share the good news of Jesus. Be the most reliable, compassionate, responsible person you can be. When people notice, tell them why.

*I might be too busy with school to do church stuff….GOD wants you to get an education. HE wants you to succeed. After all, what a light on the hilltop you will be in community college or the state U. as a believer! But don’t get so distracted with school that you don’t see GOD working in your life. Don’t choose to not serve because of “studying”.

*I am a faithful member of the church! Good…..But, remember this …”no other gods”…. if your church is so busy following the rules and promoting the beliefs of the church and forgets to preach JESUS CHRIST, it has become a god in itself. If you hear more about how to believe, how to follow the rules, how to be the church…..chances are you aren’t studying the mercy and forgiveness that JESUS taught and that is provided through HIS death, burial and resurrection.

*I don’t have time to be religious? Got me too! I am so busy. But, GOD hears our prayers continuously…at work…school…on the road. Satan wants you overwhelmed. Time will become another god to serve if you let it.

*marriage and family? GOD loves you whether you are married or single! Period. But he also knows that most people need companionship to avoid temptation. You can marry. But GOD comes first! Marriage is not your god. Children cannot be your gods.GOD (FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT) is GOD!

Clean that garage and get those other gods out of there.

Spritual Growth Workshop Schedule for Singles Late Night!    9:15 each evening…..

Thursday June 28- Lonnie Johnson: “Single, not a label. A legacy”

Friday June 29- Dr. Anthony Fischetto:  Excel as a SINGLE in GOD’s kingdom

Also, check out Eric Brown, Donnie Dillon and Matt Dabbs at 9:45 Friday am: Reaching a broken generation!

Saturday June 30- Jim Miller: “Living Single in the Big House of GOD”



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