Real Men, players, fakers……by Matthew Morrow

Real Men, players, haters, fakes, wanna be’s, and the real deal~ Observations and life experience

by Matthew Morrow on Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 3:28pm ·

I’m going to just jot down some thoughts on what I think being a real man and by definition we will be using a Godly man as our subject matter. Just feel like writing so here goes……

I personally think there are tons of wussy men out there. Men that do not except responsibility for themselves, their families, or their own actions. I have many times been this man. I think we are each given moments every day to “MAN UP!” and we buckle under. Most of the times it’s little things. I think Life is that way. Life isn’t some grand event that only happens once a year like Christmas or a Birthday, but Life happens everyday. It is as constant as the ocean waves crashing over you. It’s great when you are walking in a foot of cool water lightly splashing at your feet, and fun when you’re waist deep, turning your back to the waves, still feeling the sun beat down on your shoulders. Get’s a little scary when you can’t see the bottom, when your chest deep and now with each wave you have to bob and bounce to keep your head above water. Without noticing you have been swept 100s of feet down the shoreline from where you entered and you can loose site of your stuff, and your family. Before you know it you are in over your head and drowning and yet the waves keep crashing over and over.

Men were made to lead, made to create, to conquer, to build, to father, to work, to take care of their families, their parents, their children, thier wives, their land. We were made in God’s image and he is these things as well. Ever since sin entered the world, unfortunately men have constantly been sown with generation after genration of greater weakness, flaws, malice, and sin. Do you know in America last year there were more illegetimate children born than there were married women? There are lots of reasons given. One is that women have taken many of the traditional male jobs. Now if you are standing in line cause a woman took your job, MAN UP, had you been worthy you would have been too valuable to cut. This is not a discussion on womens roles, but on mens. I beleive if men are acting like they were created to be, Honorable, honest, hard working, trustworthy, creative, bold, uncompromising, determinded, and more women would glaldly follow them. The Bible says that women are to submit to their husbands and goes on to say that MEN are to treat their wives as Christ treated the Church. Which he laid down his life for. In other words you are to give everything to your wife and family second only to God.

In this election year we have congress and senate which is mostly men, and our president and most of his staff (mostly men) that any given night we can turn on the news and see that the family is under attack. our faith is under attack, and our men are under attack. We can’t watch a TV show where men aren’t portrayed as either sex addict dogs, idiots, or players. I’m hard pressed to find positive unfoulable characters in our media. Heck even Superman in the last movie produced who’s supposed to be the “boyscout”, the guy who’s only flaw is always doing the right thing and being a man of his word and untarnishable had an illigetimate kid and left his unwed GF to raise him on his own for 7yrs. Sad sad sad…. We have politicians, sports heros, and yes even men of our faith claiming Jesus but yet the country is riddled with divorce, with bad marriages, etc.. Some of the stuff I have seen like CIA meeting with prositiutes, presidents having sex with interns in the white house, ….let’s be real for just a second…. Affiars aren’t like tripping and falling…. opps i fell over and we happen to be naked. Affairs of the mind start with just a thought. That’s all it takes… A person you start a friendship with, you shar things with and before long you are sharing parts of yourself that should never be shared. I had a girl come to me one time and tell me that this was happening to her. My advice to her was to quit her job, RUN!! I told her. She thought I was crazy, but I said if you flee from sin, God will bless you for it.

Sigh…. I don’t know… I have been accused of being too “macho” or “manly” or whatever like those are bad things. Men were made to conquer. I constantly feel like men are more often the butt of jokes and unfortenately I think we have accepted the roll. So after reading the Bible (which by the way most of the men I talk to who say they are Christians have never bothered to read those instructions), and many other books on being a “MAN” This is what I have come up with. Choice…..Everyday we are given the choice to choose what type of man we will be. I have found that if you are whoever you want to be. Yes we have genetics, etc.. but you don’t have to be your father or grandfather. You are your own man! MAN UP! “Choose this day whom you will follow but as for me and my family we will choose to serve the Lord” I believe the problems with our marriages, schools, politics, and religion will all be sorted out when get our houses in order. Meaning that Men need to Man up and be what and who they were made to be. It is our Job to take the Love of the Lord to others, to be Christ to everyone we meet, to scarifice, to lead, to BE MEN. I can’t control what other men do. All I can do is pray for them, try to be the best I can be and be what God has made me to be. When you except your purpose in Life, to Glorify God with all that you are and leave each person better than you found them, you will have become a man. And I guess that’s the point isn’t it….each man has to grow up and into the Man God has made him to be. If you wonder why your life isn’t Rocking and rolling, why it’s not awesome, it’s because you aren’t walking in the light. if you don’t know what all this I just said, I will gladly talk to you. i welcome your comments and prayers as I continue daily to fight to be all I can be. many days I will fail, but I tomorrow is a new day, so bring on the dawn….


One response to “Real Men, players, fakers……by Matthew Morrow

  1. Jim, this article is a good read. I loved the level of honesty. Its not easy being a woman of God nor is it easy yo be a true man of God in the world. Yet God’s holy word lights the way through our daily lives.

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