Clean Out the Garage!


A friend told me that her priorities in her marriage were 1) her children 2) her husband 3) herself. She did all the recitals and ballgames. She ironed the uniforms and did the birthday parties. Then she ironed her husbands shirts and cooked for him. She was next in line but she grew bitter because there was no time for herself. She rebelled against the order and got her independence.

After a break to reconsider, she started over. Kids first, JOB second (where did that come from?) and a tie for last with herself and her new boyfriend. He wants out. Honestly, who wants to be tied for last with a frustrated person.

Good effort doesn’t always equal good results. You have to (humbly) put your needs first. Build your spirit and share it with the kids and significant other. Calm your mind and give peace to others. Protect your body and it will be better to serve others.

Now, do the kids come first at times? Yes. And when it is their time, take care of them and enjoy it! Does your love life/marriage come first at times? Yes, very often but it is a two way avenue of service and caring for one another. Does your job come first at times. Yes, it pays the bills.

Life is a balancing act. You have to alternate priorities and meet needs.

What about the “other” stuff? Let’s face it, alot of people want something from you! Give them what is left over. And if that isn’t enough, cut em loose.

GOD, family, country…….good! Ex’s, fair weather friends, social obligations that you don’t enjoy……treat em like the old bowling ball in the garage. Either let it sit or get rid of it!

Clean out the garage of your heart.


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