Just Do It! week two………….Why serve lemonade and hot chocolate at the Gulf Coast Getaway?

My 11 y.o. daughter, Jessica and I had the privilege of setting up our lemonade stand and serving over 200 cups of lemonade and 40 cups of hot chocolate to COLLEGE STUDENTS at the X-games Saturday at the Gulf Coast Getaway……


  1. It was easy and pleasant…. a day on the beach in Florida (even a cool, breezy one) is always a welcome treat.
  2. It encourages me to see 2500 college students praying, reading the Bible, singing and fellowshipping through competition. instead of getting involved in all the garbage I did when I was that age.
  3. I can afford it! Half a tank of gas and $20 in supplies and I met and interacted with 250 people.
  4. Contacts? Yes, the college ministers and students are VAGUELY aware of the need for adult singles ministry.
  5. MY Jessica is learning to SERVE……………

You don’t have to go on a foreign mission trip or donate a trust fund to work in the kingdom. Keep your eyes, ears and heart open and you will make a difference wherever you are! Just do it!




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