2012! Just DO It!

Just do it! I wonder if James the disciple was alive 2 day if he would wear nikes. He was after all a man of action. The truth is GOD wants us to do good! He tells us to And we have frequent  opportunity to do so. No excuses! No “I’ll do it later”. No” I’ve got better things to do”. To just don’t do it is wrong.       Don’t you dare walk past a lonely person in the hall and not say hello. Don’t ignore the lady on your block who needs groceries and can’t drive. Don’t ignore the homeless person. Don’t run away if someone is crying.       Do step out of your comfort zone! Treat others with respect. Encourage. Comfort. Share Jesus True what you say and what you do.      James 4:17 Can be explained by a slogan: Just do it!

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