Say GOODBYE to 2011!

It’s the end of the year….again! Time to put out the old and prepare for the new! But, first, let’s review some of the high points of 2011!

  • We served refreshments at the Gulf Coast Getaway for the 3rd year. 2500 college students and few of us family folks enjoyed fellowship!
  • LAUNCH 2011 IN ORLANDO was a blast! Thanks again to Donna Brown and the West Orange congregation for hosting this event! Thanks to our KEYNOTE, Will Smith, for great lessons! Singles attended from Washington (State and DC), Colorado, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida!
  • TORNADO cleanup in Tuscaloosa!
  • Great roadtrips to St. Augustine and Savannah!

The work continues. 2012 will be BUSY! Stay tuned for events…..INCLUDNG LAUNCH 2012- OCEANSIDE! The Singles Committee at the Oceanside Church of Christ has an awesome weekend with NASA’s Mike O’Neill planned for February.

The church environment is still disengaged from most singles nationwide, especially if you are divorced are a young widow. We must continue to teach about the forgiveness provided by the shed blood of Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of sins. People are hurting and GOD gave us answers to share!

Here’s to 2011!


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