DAY 1: BLESS a server (waitress/waiter/pizza delivery)- TIP well and invite them to church with you!

DAY 2: BLESS friends with a Christian or Christmas movie. Rent it and hang out! Talk about it!

DAY 3: BLESS a senior citizen who lives in a nursing home. Visit, Carol, Read! Give gifts of socks, hard candy, etc.

DAy 4: Mentor! A boy or girl would love some time with you!

DAY 5: Make someone feel special today! Acard or phone call would do it!

DAY 6: Carpool as you shop (and share the experience!)

DAY 7: Flower Power! Gather discarded bud vases. Insert a nice, inexpensive flower. Bless a life!

Day 8: Flower Power TOO! Fill a coffee cup with gravel. Insert a BULB (paperwhites work best). Water! In two weeks you will amaze! A gift that lasts a lifetime!

Day 9: Call 10 random friends! Say “merry Christmas”

Day 10: Alternative happy hour! Meet after work (maybe at a coffee shop). Make new friends without alcohol involvement. Catch people before they get home and get comfortable.

Day 11: Bowl Game party! Pick a team and invite friends over to watch the game. Dress in the school colors!


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